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Malisoyrik – A professional matrimonial matchmaking service


Marriage is not only a relationship between to individuals but an association of two families too. We deeply believe in great Indian value system and respect traditions.


Malisoyrik was started in 2016 as a technology driven company providing one of the best platforms to the individuals seeks their soulmates. We cater to all Indian communities in India and abroad with a prime focus on Indian based in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Singapore.


Members trust us due to our customer centric approach and higher degree of authenticity. We engage with our members at an early stage to develop a thorough understanding of their culture, religious orientation, financial and social status. With an understanding of these sensitivities, we at Malisoyrik develop a personalized matrimonial solution for our clients.


Our clients benefit from Malisoyrik team’s experience and expertise across various industries such as hospitality industry, public relations, international and trading and fund management.


Our team of matrimonial experts are well-versed in the dynamics of the Indian marriage system. We have dedicated teams that cater to the requirements of various categories of clientele, such as, Elite, Sikhs, Brahmins & Rajputs, Agarwals & Marwaris, etc



Director’s Message


Malisoyrik  is among India’s leading matrimonial service providers. With an aim to accelerate The Grand Indian Wedding through an amalgamation of corporate structure with that of personalized touch.


Through our personalized process oriented approach we have been making in-roads into the lives of an increasing number of people.


Personal client association and involvement are our two key focus areas and the key service drivers at

Malisoyrik .

We are working hard to expand our service offerings overseas to address the strongly growing Indian community across different geographies.


Thank you!
Satish Shelke 
Managing Director